Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few words.

Exciting news from BGI.  September's call is a special update from Dr. Sue Brown on "The Future of BGI".  Check where were heading and a preview of BGI III in November.

August's call comes from Dr. Michael and Elle D'Amore as they provide a fresh look at helping people in their lives and practice.

Our new call is from Dr. Christine Cantwell as she explores happiness and satisfaction in our lives and practice.  I enjoy this call very much and is very topical to me.

June's call is "Addressing Inflammatory Processes" with Dr. Katina, Dr. Tonya, Peter Lambert, and Me.  It is a long call (90 minutes) and could have gone longer.  Real good information.

May's call will get you thinking.  Dr. Mimi Kasten challenges you to "Explore Your Barriers".

I just posted more information about food from Peter Lambert. Go to his call on October 2011.

In April, Dr. Armene Lamson talks to PT Marcy Crouch about the Pelvic Floor.

For March, Dr. Tonya Tyre talks to us about Harmonics, a topic Dr. Sue Brown brought up at BGI III.

Peter Lambert, Mr. Dr. Amy Burke, has sent me an article on "Sustainability" which I have posted under his October 2011 call.

The February call is by Dr. Eric Rubin on Fascia and Tensegrity.  It is for all GEEKS!  Sorry it is late.  We had some technical difficulties and re-recorded it. 

In the first call, D.A. Wils talks about her new book.  I bought my copy as soon as it was available and all I can say is "WOW"!  I've showed it to many people and they are likewise impressed. 

Check it out.  Under the 2005/2006 post are 7 old BGI Community Calls ready to be listened to.  Enjoy!


Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.

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