Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2005/2006 Calls

Note:  Some of these calls have poor to fair sound quality.  One call was so bad I didn't even upload it.  I was still learning how to record calls effectively.  However, the information is worth listening to and most calls cleaned up well.  There were other calls throughout 2006 but I don't have any recordings of them.  The very first call that was ever done is the Dec. 2005 call by Dr. Amy Burke.  Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C. (21 December 2011)

“Light, Creating More In Our Practice”
Presented by Amy Burke, D.C.
Recorded on 13 December 2005

“Insurance Billing”
Presented by Holly Hochstadt, D.C.
Recorded on 10 January 2006

“The Clavicular/Sternal Relationship”
Presented by Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.
Recorded on 14 March 2006

Support materials for the call by Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.
1. The Clavicular/Sternal Relationship Revisited 2011
2.  A Bio-Geometric Integration Approach To Understanding the Clavicular/Sternal Relationship.
Rough Draft of Paper
3. The Clavicular/Sternal Relationship
PowerPoint Presentation

“Adjusting Multiple Patterns – The Tensegrity Matrix of the Body”
Presented by Eric Potocki, D.C.
Recorded on 13 June 2006 (Quality - Poor)

“Questions and Answers”
A Group Discussion
Recorded on 9 August 2006

“BGI III Wrap Up”
Presented by Susan Brown, D.C.
Recorded on 14 November 2006

“Cash Is King – 100% Cash Practice”
Presented by Eric Ruben, D.C.
Recorded on 12 December 2006

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