Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2009 Calls

“Getting Your Message Out - Internet Networking”
Presented by Holly Hochstadt, D.C.
Recorded on 13 January 2009

Presented by Eric Potocki, D.C.
Recorded on 10 February 2009

“What Is Your Chiropractic Truth?”
Presented by Mike Young, D.C.
Recorded on 10 March 2009

“Creating Community Through Outside Events”
Presented by Jodi Dinnerman, D.C.
Recorded on 14 April 2009

“Breaking through your stuff to be the awesome business owner you truly are”
Presented by Tom Preston, D.C.
Recorded on 12 May 2009

“Building from the inside – Testimonials”
Presented by Yvan Plamondon, D.C.
Recorded on 9 June 2009
1. Yvan Testimonial template
2. Yvan Testimonials and how to use them edited

“Creating a congruent and meaningful experience in Chiropractic College”
A Group Discussion,
Recorded on 14 July 2009

“Bringing Spirit Into Practice”
Presented by Mimi Kasten, D.C.
Recorded on 11 August 2009

“Service...Chiropractic...The Mission Trip”
Presented by Elizabeth Welsh Golove, D.C.
Recorded on 8 September 2009

“Hey You! Why do you keep coming to my office to get Adjusted”
Presented by Katina Manning, D.C.
Recorded on 13 October 2009

“Annual BGI III Wrap Up”
Presented by Sue Brown, D.C.
Recorded on 10 November 2009

“Boundaries and Burnout”
Presented by Eric Rubin, D.C.
Recorded on 8 December 2009

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