Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2008 Calls

“Parenting and Practicing”
Presented by Dannielle Mutch, D.C.
Recorded on 8 January 2008

Presented by Tonya Tyre, D.C.
Recorded on 12 February 2008

“Animal Adjusting”
Presented by Mimi Kasten, D.C.
Recorded on 11 March 2008

“Boost Your Practice Through Marketing”
Presented by Jodi Dinnerman, D.C.
Recorded on 8 April 2008

“The Multidisciplinary Practice”
The BGI Teaching Staff,
Recorded on 13 May 2008

“Spirituality In Practice”
The BGI Community,
Recorded on 10 June 2008

“Research - Validating BGI?”
Presented by Eric Potocki, D.C.
Recorded on 8 July 2008

“Creating Your Office Dream Team”
Presented by Elizabeth Welch, D.C.
Recorded on 12 August 2008

“Bridging the Gap Between Osseous and Soft Tissue Adjusting”
Presented by Katina Manning, D.C.
Recorded on 9 September 2008

Presented by Kerry Miller, D.C.
Recorded on 14 October 2008

“Post-BGI III Conversation”
Presented by Sue Brown, D.C.
Recorded on 11 November 2008

“Synergizing With Other Practitioners in Your Community”
Presented by Eric Rubin, D.C.
Recorded on 9 December 2008

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