Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2012 Calls

"Horse To Water"
Presented by D.A. Wils
Recorded on 28 January 2012

For more information:

"The Fascia Report - Exploring the Infrastructure of Tensegrity"
Presented by Eric Rubin, D.C.
Recorded on 22 February 2012

"Harmonics, Chaos, and Synchronization and Our Non-Consensus Reality"
Presented by Tonya Tyre, D.C.
Recorded on 12 March 2012

“From the Pelvic Floor Up – An Interview with Marcy Crouch”
Presented by Armene Lamson, D.C.
Recorded on 13 February 2012

"Exploring Your Barriers"
Presented by Mimi Kasten, D.C.
Recorded on 8 May 2012

"Addressing Inflammatory Processes"
Presented by Katina Manning, D.C., Tonya Tyre, D.C., Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C., Peter Lambert
Recorded on 8 June 2012

"Happy But Not Satisfied"
Presented by Christine Cantwell, D.C.
Recorded on 10 July 2012

"Building Relationships In and Out of the Office"
Presented by Michael D'Amore, D.C. and Elle D'Amore
Recorded on 14 August 2012

"The Future of BGI"
Presented by Sue Brown, D.C.
Recorded on 11 September 2012

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