Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Calls

"How Clinical Nutrition Enhances Our BGI Work"
Presented by Susan Miller, D.C.
Recorded on 12 January 2011

For more information:
http://www.vibrantlifewellness.com/    Dr. Miller's Website
Download her food plan and contact for more information

"4 Keys To Success"
Presented by Patti Giuliano, D.C.
Recorded on 8 March 2011

"The New Patient Red Carpet Experience"
Presented by Pam Jarboe, D.C.
Recorded on 12 April 2011

For more information:

"Rhythm and Flow - Finding Your Voice"
Presented by Holly Hochstadt, D.C.
Recorded on 7 June 2011

"The Yearly Cash Fee Option"
Presented by Jodi Dinnerman, D.C.
Recorded on 21 June 2011

"BGI In Practice"
How To Use BGI.
Presented by Armene Lamson, D.C.
Recorded on 9 August 2011

Wiki submission paper for BGI
Susan Brown, D.C.

"The Time Is Now:  An Important Message For Chiropractic"
Presented by Arno Burnier, D.C.
Recorded on 10 September 2011

The following are sample letters to download and use to give voice on these important issues presented by Dr. Burnier.

CCE Complaint Instructions
DC Sample Letters
Patient Complaint Form
Student Sample Letters

"Food Labels - What You Need To Know" Part 1
Presented by Peter Lambert
Recorded on 1 October 2011

"Essentials of the Kitchen Cabinet" Part 2
Presented by Peter Lambert
Recorded on 8 October 2011

Labeling:  Truth or Fiction
Organic Coop Distributors (1982-2008)
(I had trouble loading this file so it is linked to the source website)
Organic Distributors Acquisitions and Mergers (1984-2007)
Organic Retail Acquisitions and Mergers (1984-2007)
Organic Industry Structure (June 2008)
Organic Private Label Brands (July 2007) 
Sustainability: Visualizing Consolidation in the Global Seed Industry (2009)
Medco Drug Interaction Study Summary  

New Article (4-23-12):
Reasons why you need to know who produces your food

New Link (4-26-12):
This extensively informative  link provides the test results performed by Cornucopia on several organic brands of breakfast cereal. They tested for GMO ingredients and pesticides, etc.. They even post results of tests performed by the USDA, the results are going to be shocking for some but not for those who have been following BGI calls.. This link's content needs to be printed out and posted in all chiros' offices. If you recall the calls we did uncovered the big lie as well as provided charts of who owns what in organic.. I am putting together another call that will be ready by June. 
Sadly, more to come. 

Check back.  There will be more documents posted from Peter.

For more information, contact Amy and Peter at:

"Moving Your Office"
Presented by Dannielle Mutch, D.C. and Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.
Recorded on 4 November 2011

"Trusting the Transformative Experience"
Presented by Kerry Miller, D.C.
Recorded on 9 December 2011

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